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Some Idaho groups breathe sigh of relief with end of special legislative session

Courtesy of The Idaho 97 Project

Some political observers in Idaho are happy the legislature ended a special session devoted to battling vaccine mandates without passing any significant legislation. One of those groups was The Idaho 97 Project, which bills itself as a non-partisan organization battling political extremism. Executive director Mike Satz credits the lack of action on bills in part to lobbying efforts by his group and others with the same mission.
“Industry groups like the Idaho Medical Association, like the Idaho Association of Commerce and Idaho Hospital Association. And then businesses that came in like Simplot and Micron that actually were all unified and aligned in their efforts," he said.
Satz says the groups combined to fight bills that were based on bad information or poor information. Some were unhappy that legislators proposed blocking businesses from developing their own guidelines for employee and workplace safety. Satz hopes the coalitions will stick together for 2022’s legislative session and statewide elections.


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