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WA health officials urge people to get Covid booster shots

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The Washington Department of Health is recommending people who are eligible to receive Covid booster shots get them as soon as possible. And, says Lacy Fehrenbach, the agency’s deputy secretary for Covid response, people are heeding the call."We have seen increased traffic on our vaccine locator website and also to our call center. I did want to note that our state has been approved to receive 70,000 additional doses of Moderna vaccine next week, so those are ordered this week with delivery next week to help meet the increased demand," she said.

"Also some reminders that appointments are tight in some parts of the state and, if you schedule multiple appointments, please go back and cancel any appointments that you don’t need. We do want you to get an appointment, but if you have scheduled multiple, cancel the other ones that are far out," Fehrenbach said.

She says people should not be picky as to which vaccine they seek, even if it doesn’t match the vaccine they originally received.