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Movie made in Yakima area to make its Spokane debut on Friday

Courtesy of "All Sorts"
The promotional poster for "All Sorts"

"All Sorts" is director Rick Castaneda's second film made in central Washington.

A film that was shot in central Washington and which its creators bill as a “surreal workplace comedy” will get its Spokane premiere this week.

The movie is titled “All Sorts” and its director is Rick Castaneda, a native of Granger in the Yakima Valley.

“It’s like a sports movie, but instead of football or baseball, it’s about competitive folder filing. It takes place in a strange office where everybody’s working in their own separate cubicles and along comes this kid Diego, who starts working there. He finds out that one of the other employees, June, is really, really fast at folder filing," he said.

"All Sorts" promotional photo
Actress Greena Park plays June, a clerk who competes in the underground world of speed folder filing.

So he becomes her manager and they go off into the world of professional folder filing.

It is Castaneda’s second movie and the second filmed in the Yakima area. The other is entitled “Cement Suitcase.” Yakima isn’t known as a primo movie location, but Castaneda thinks it’s a good fit for him.

“We were making ‘Cement Suitcase’ in the area. We found that people were coming out to help us," he said. "We had a lot of radio DJs that helped promote the film. They helped by acting in it. We were able to get really cool locations that you’re not used to seeing in Hollywood and we had a wonderful time. So when we had the second movie, I thought let’s go back there and film it.”

Castaneda’s team shot “All Sorts” in 2018. It has been shown in London and will be featured in an Hispanic film festival in Los Angeles in June. It had its central Washington premiere in April in Walla Walla, the Tri-Cities and Yakima. On Friday, it will get its maiden showing in Spokane at the Magic Lantern Theater. Castaneda will be there.

“We’re going to have a great time. We’re going to be taking pictures. We’re going to be signing posters. We’re going to have a question-and-answer session with me after the film so people will be able to ask about how the movie was made, what it was like. I have a lot of very interesting behind-the-scenes stories to tell about this movie," he said.

Rick Castaneda’s movie “All Sorts” will have a five-day run at the Magic Lantern in case you can’t make it to the Friday night premiere.

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