Doug Nadvornick

Program Director, News Director, Inland Journal Host

One of the Northwest's most seasoned reporters is returning to his SPR roots. Doug Nadvornick will be heard frequently on KPBX and KSFC reporting on local news.

Doug concurrently is the program director of the Washington State University Health Sciences educational TV cable channel in Spokane. For the past few years, Doug provided communications outreach for the WSU College of Medicine. By no small coincidence, Doug is an alum of WSU.

Doug's previous radio work includes news director for SPR, founding program director for KSFC, and Inland Northwest Correspondent for the Northwest News Network. He worked in commercial radio, at the weekly Pacific Northwest Inlander newspaper.

Doug's memorable moment in public radio: "Going into the mountains with a hydrologist who was collecting snow samples. That made for one of the best 'sound' stories I've ever produced."

Rebecca White/SPR

Healthcare providers are raising the alarm as the Inland Northwest hits its highest hospitalization level since the start of the pandemic.

Washington Department of Natural Resources

Department of Natural Resource lands will be closed to the public from Friday until further notice due to the growing danger of wildfires.

Washington, Oregon Economies Now Open

Jun 30, 2021
Rebecca White/SPR

Wednesday both Washington and Oregon re-opened their economies.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is holding celebratory events around the state, including a stop late Wednesday afternoon in downtown Spokane.

Courtesy of National Weather Service

Spokane has broken its all-time record high temperature. At 4 pm the National Weather Service reported the temperature at its Spokane International Airport facility had reached 109.

National Weather Service

Health and fire officials are expecting the region next week to experience both a heat wave and, potentially, smoke from wildfires – a dangerous combination that could cause a spike in both heat stroke and respiratory illnesses.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

The Washington Board of Health says it will hold a hearing as it decides whether to take action after the removal of former Spokane Regional Health District Health Officer Bob Lutz.

Courtesy of Ping Ping

Violence against people of Asian descent has long been a part of American history, but it’s been especially vicious during the Covid pandemic.

“A man was captured on video downtown attacking an Asian couple, spitting on them, slapping the man’s face and yelling at them, quote, ‘It’s your fault.’”

That’s Washington Senator Maria Cantwell, speaking on the Senate floor after the body passed a resolution condemning Asian hate.

Natalie Newcomb

Spokane city leaders are urging community members to keep their response to the verdict in the George Floyd trial peaceful, and respectful.

Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder for kneeling on the neck of a black man for nine minutes. That murder sparked a wave of protests across the nation, including several in Spokane last summer.

Washington State Department of Health

Several government and private providers in the Northwest have paused use of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine effective immediately after six women who had received the vaccine developed blood clots.

According to a Washington state Department of Health news release, the vaccine will be on hold until the state receives recommendations from the FDA and CDC.

Rebecca White/SPR

Spokane’s city Flag Commission says it has picked a dozen finalists for a new city flag. They were chosen from 400 citizen submissions.


Courtesy of the Federal Food and Drug Administration

As Washington rolls out the COVID-19 vaccine for its most vulnerable residents, new data shows significant racial disparities in coronavirus immunizations. People at both the local and state levels say they’re taking steps to address those.

One of the biggest vaccine disparities is among those who identify as Hispanic. According to Washington State Health Department data, Hispanics make up 4.7% of people who have at least one dose of the vaccine, but 13.2% of the population.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

Caleb Sharpe, the 17-year-old who is accused of killing one student and injuring several others in a school shooting in Freeman, south of Spokane two years ago, entered not guilty pleas to 55 counts before Spokane County Superior Court Judge Michael Price on Friday.

City of Spokane/Ben Stuckart

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, Steve Jackson has the third in a series of interviews with Spokane mayoral candidates. He’ll talk with city council president Ben Stuckart.

Jonathan Bingle

UPDATE [6/17, 4 pm]: Shawn Poole and Nadine Woodward have both agreed to be interviewed soon by Spokane Public Radio. We will post their full interviews as podcasts after those are recorded.

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, my colleague Steve Jackson begins a round of interviews with Spokane mayoral candidates. The next three programs will feature people running for the city’s highest office. Today, Jonathan Bingle.

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UPDATE August 29 at 10 a.m. : The Spokane Education Association and Spokane School District have come to an agreement on a new contract. No details have been released. The proposal will go to union members, perhaps later this week, for their approval.

Meanwhile, West Valley teachers ratified their new contract at a meeting Tuesday evening.

Doug Nadvornick/SPR

(Updated at 11:05 am)

Spokane police are investigating the fatal shooting of a suspect believed to be connected to an armed robbery at the Safeway store on Northwest Boulevard Tuesday morning.

One student from Freeman High School was killed this morning in a shooting at the school. Spokane County authorities have arrested one person in connection with that.

Three other students were also hit by gunfire and taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center.

"We have three teenagers with us and they’re all doing well. They’re stable at this point. One will be requiring some surgery later this afternoon,” said trauma surgeon Dr. Mike Moore.

He wouldn’t elaborate on the students’ injuries. Their parents have joined them at the hospital.