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Spokane County launches new tool to calculate property taxes

The Spokane County Assessor's office has launched a tool to calculate next years property taxes.
Rebecca White
The Spokane County Assessor's office has launched a tool to calculate next years property taxes.

The Spokane County Assessor’s Office has launched a tool to help property owners calculate their future taxes.

The county assessor said he launched the tool after his office received a wave of calls and appeals in response to a historic rise in property values.

Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis said the average assessed value in Spokane County increased by about 30% this year due the region’s housing market. He said on average, that will lead to property owners paying about 10% more in taxes next year.

He said taxes increase slower than assessed values because of a state law limiting single year increases.

“We have gone through with every tax code area, we have 155 of them, and they have calculated out what is the maximum lawful limit for each of those,” he said. “Then we've tied it into our SCOUT website so you can go just by entering your address and find out based on your current value what it is today, what your taxes are estimated to be next year.”

He said the amount displayed through the tool could change depending on the outcome of several levies on the August and November ballot.

He said this year more than 1,700 people appealed their value assessments compared to a little over 1,000 normally. He said he’s hoping this tool, which will be sent out with future tax assessments, will alleviate taxpayers’ concerns.

Rebecca White is a 2018 graduate of Edward R Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She's been a reporter at Spokane Public Radio since February 2021. She got her start interning at her hometown paper The Dayton Chronicle and previously covered county government at The Spokesman-Review.