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"A Dead Mouse on Your Doorstep" by Malcolm Pelles

An activist fights for causes he believes in — right down to his pet's diet

On this episode of Radio Play Co-Lab, we present the one-act play Dead Mouse on Your Doorstep.

It was directed by Juan A Mas and stars Dahveed Bullis (as the cop and store owner Pete), Shaune Gardner (store clerk, Henry) and Kim Berg (Irv the activist) in a story about an old school civil rights activist who fights to keep his cat's diet true to principle.

Their performance is followed by an interview with the writer of Dead Mouse on Your Doorstep, Malcolm Pelles.

Radio Play Co-Lab is a creative collaboration between Spokane Public Radio, Spokane Playwrights Laboratory and Purple Crayon Pictures.

Dusty Birch was responsible for sound design on Dead Mouse on Your Doorstep. Tonya Ballman wrote the Radio Play Co-Lab theme tune.

E.J. Iannelli is Spokane Public Radio's Arts and Music Director