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SPR Celebrates 35 Years of Broadcasting


Ask listeners what they like about SPR and they’ll give a variety of answers. Informative news programs, delightful music, thought-provoking stories, and crazy entertainment shows are just a few reasons why listeners have become members over the past 35 years.

Program Director Verne Windham is listening to the SPR archives, choosing some of the most notable broadcasts over KPBX’s history. Starting on SPR’s 35th Anniversary – January 20 – KPBX will air some of those landmark broadcasts in a special series.

“It’s great to go back to the beginning and hear how the values that created this station haven’t really changed,” Verne says. “Community members created folk programs, readings of great literature, commentary, and much more. We were careful about quality then and still care deeply about what we serve to listeners today. We take our mission seriously, and want to continue for decades to come.”

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SPR is also planning new ways to engage the community. Crews will soon finish much of the basic construction work on the former Fire Station No. 3, SPR’s future home. It will take some time to set up  equipment required for three stations, a 40-seat performance studio, and several editing bays to hold the production staff, volunteers, and students that make the organization as unique as it is.

“We’re grateful to our communities for continuing to support the stations, enabling us to continue our mission of providing high-quality artistic, educational, and informational programming,” says General Manager Cary Boyce. “As we look to the next 35 years, SPR expects to incorporate more learning opportunities into our daily operations, training a new generation of journalists and  storytellers. We can only grow as long as our listeners continue to keep us strong.”

One interesting way for groups and individuals to be part of the new building is to make a Named Gift. Organizations such as Washington Trust Bank, Spokane Teachers Credit Union, and Dodson’s Jewelers have donated support for specific work areas and building features, which will be marked with a sign bearing their name. Named areas also are paying tribute to loved ones or families who have relied on KPBX, KSFC & KPBZ in the past.

“It’s an ideal way to show not only their support of our work, but also that they look forward to sharing our future,” Cary says.

Information about Named Gift Opportunities is available at this link or by calling the station at 328-5729 or 1-800-328-5729.