Eastern Washington Town Hires Special Counsel To Prosecute Pot Shop Owners

Aug 12, 2015

Two marijuana shop owners in Clarkston, Washington, are facing criminal charges for selling pot in defiance of a citywide ban.

Clarkston is one of 64 towns in Washington state that bar the sale of recreational marijuana. But so far it’s the only one to charge violators with a misdemeanor. The two men, Kelly Jackson and Matt Plemmons, opened pot stores in town and now face possible jail time.

Clarkston City Councilmember Brian Kolstad is in the minority there when it comes to marijuana stores -- because he voted against banning them. This week, he was the only council member to speak against the charges.

“I find it astonishing that Clarkston is the only city in the great state of Washington to criminally prosecute two people for violating a business license ordinance with regards to I-502,” Kolstad said.

Washington voters approved the legal sale of recreational marijuana with Initiative 502. But the Clarkston city attorney said he'll continue to enforce the ban approved by the council.

Both marijuana stores are closed for now.

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