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Domestic Violence Activist Speaks in Spokane

19 hours ago
Doug Nadvornick/SPR

One of the leading voices in the gender violence debate says men need to play a more vocal role in speaking out against domestic violence and people who abuse their partners.

Jackson Katz made the case to a large crowd at Gonzaga University Monday night and at a smaller gathering in Spokane on Tuesday.

Janine Latus

Janine Latus's personal story is intertwined with the story of her younger sister Amy, who was killed by a former boyfriend. No one knew that Amy had been battered. Latus wrote about that as a way to bring attention to domestic and intimate partner violence. Her book is called “If I Am Missing or Dead.” In it, there’s a chilling scene in which Latus and her family members discover a clue that unraveled Amy’s secret troubles. Latus was the keynote speaker at today's YWCA Women of Achievement Award luncheon.