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Share Your Story: What Issues Will Your Family Debate This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving. It's that time of year when families come together — and fight. Immigration, guns, race, gender. Fresh off a divisive political season, these issues are sure to show up at the dinner table. We're looking for people to talk with us about how their family expects to approach these difficult conversations.

What issues do you expect your family to debate this Thanksgiving? And what's your strategy (besides avoidance) for confronting difficult topics?

Fill out the form below, and after Nov. 13, we will reach out to some of you to get more details about your story. You can also fill out the form here. You may be featured on Morning Edition and

We may want to interview you and some members of your family before Thanksgiving to hear what difficult conversations you're anticipating, and then we'd like to follow up with your family to see how the conversation went.

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Vikki Valentine is a senior supervising editor on NPR's science desk. She oversees the network's global health and development coverage across broadcast and digital platforms. Previously, Valentine was the network's climate change, energy, and environment editor and in this role was a recipient of a 2012 DuPont Award for coverage of natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania.