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Canine Siblings Separated At Shelter Reunite; Their Humans Take Credit


Ben Colbert and Bailey Gallagher adopted a dog named Franklin, but they had to leave its brother behind at the foster home. Then one day, they were running in their neighborhood when they spotted another dog with the same patch of white on its nose.

BAILEY GALLAGHER: And I said to Ben - I was like, that dog looks like Franklin's brother because we had seen him when we went to pick him up.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: When they saw the dog again, they stopped to chat and asked questions like...

GALLAGHER: Oh, when did you get him? And it was kind of around the same time we got Franklin. I asked him if he picked up the dog on the Eastern Shore. And he had. And then we kind of connected the dots.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Two brothers reunited in the midst of a global crisis.

GALLAGHER: They have similar snouts, similar bellies, but they do look different.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: The puppy brothers now run into each other on a regular basis. And it's always a moment of doggy joy. Future plans involve more intentional time together.

GALLAGHER: Hopefully, when this is all over, they can have a play date or something like that.

BEN COLBERT: His parents just live two blocks up from us.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Because, sometimes, you really are never far from the ones you love.

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