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Christmas Tree Delivery Takes The Hassle Out Of 1 Holiday Tradition


Some families have a tradition - buy or cut down a Christmas tree, then tie it to the top of the car to drive home. Other families would rather not take the trouble. And in the pandemic, all families have to think about shopping trips.


Which got Rene Ackerson thinking.

RENE ACKERSON: My husband and I were really brainstorming ideas of, you know, what was going to be upcoming for the next year or two, how we can help people in the future. And in the past, getting a Christmas tree for us has always been a hassle.

MARTIN: Their solution is the Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Delivery Service. They partnered with a tree farm in Maine. Elves, even Santa, deliver.

ACKERSON: If you look at some of the reviews and the comments from our customers literally telling us this really made their kids' holiday season because, you know, they had Santa come to their house.

INSKEEP: They're nearly sold out of trees this year, but they plan to do it again.

ACKERSON: Oh, absolutely. I have to tell you, almost all of our customers this holiday season were like, see you next year.

INSKEEP: Rene Ackerson founded the Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Delivery Service.


BURL IVES: (Singing) Have a holly, jolly Christmas. It's the best time of the year. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.