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AI apps are being used to help people connect on dating apps


Its promoters say artificial intelligence can do all sorts of things for you - do your homework, make art for you, even give you travel advice. But can it help you land a date?

DMITRI MIRAKYAN: I remember reading a book called "Be More Chill" about a computer that you could put into your ear that would tell you what to say so that you would sound cool and fit in.


Dmitri Mirakyan is an entrepreneur and programmer. He's 28 years old. And he built a version of that computer in the form of an app.

MIRAKYAN: Spent the weekend building a prototype and very quickly realized that it was already quite a bit better at texting than I was.

INSKEEP: Mirakyan partnered with 30-year-old data scientist Jeff Li. At the time, Li was creating a program to make it easier to find a date on Tinder.

JEFF LI: I was generally very interested in the dating space - not because of the space itself - because I really wanted to just solve my own problem. Like, I'm - for me, personally, never have been, like, a natural with dating.

MARTIN: Li says the duo used their own money to create the app YourMove.AI

LI: I see it as kind of a dating assistant that will help you create openers, help you craft replies and help you write your own profile.

INSKEEP: It draws on artificial intelligence to create charming dating profiles and witty banter.

MARTIN: But as you might imagine, the idea of using AI to get a date has prompted - we'll call it skepticism. Liz Plank says she gets why it could be useful, but...

LIZ PLANK: Dating can be a little bit like playing the lottery and not knowing what you're going to get. And so AI being used in addition to all of the uncertainties that come with dating, I can understand why that would make people feel nervous.

INSKEEP: Plank is a journalist and the author of "For The Love Of Men."

PLANK: They're using a tool not necessarily to edit their appearance, but to edit their personality in order to, you know, deceive, potentially, someone into thinking that they have a certain personality type.

MARTIN: But Mirakyan insists that YourMove.AI just helps people be the best version of themselves.

MIRAKYAN: It's hard to be the, like, charming and warm and witty version of yourself when you're on - taking the L train at 7 a.m. in the morning and you're running to work.

MARTIN: So far, more than 50,000 people have tried the app. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.