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0000017b-f971-ddf0-a17b-fd73f3be0000For 25 years, KPBX Kids' Concerts have brought different genres of music and performances to generations of children. These family concerts are at the heart of the station's mission to provide music awareness and entertainment to our listening region, which compliments our on-air programming.Eight free one-hour concerts are held throughout the year at rotating venues. At each concert, attendees may be treated to a mix of music and historical information. Each KPBX Kids' Concert highlights a musical style. Past concerts have featured classical, jazz, big band, folk, bluegrass, latin, calypso, reggae, klezmer, rockabilly, and lots more.ALL KPBX KIDS' CONCERTS ARE FREE.

Spring KPBX Kids' Concert: Best of Musicfest Northwest Thank You!

SPR thanks past performers from Musicfest Northwest over the last 73 years. We also thank all those who performed for the KPBX  Kids' Concerts From The Studio sessions over the last three decades. 


Some of the performers featured include: 


Annika Lavoie (piano), May Lim (piano), Jasmine Wen (piano), James Baldwin (violin), Gabe Soileau (piano and composer), D.G. Kim (cello), Sarah Beck (piano), Drew Powell (flute), Daniel White (piano and composer), Shane Maurer (flute), Brielle Cosgrove (piano), Kennadi Hawes (piano)



Trio Quixotic, Ally Sowers (piano and composer), Stuart Evans (piano), Jocelyn Meyer (piano), Whitworth Saxophone Quartet, Lisa and Sarah Schafer (pianists), Jasmine and Serena Wen (pianists), Daniel Carter (guitar), Joshua Ross (piano), Clara Patton (piano), Satchel Henneman (guitar), Sato Abo (violin), Immaculate Conception Men’s Choir, Yvette Kraft (violin), Samuel Thackston (violin), Hannah Georgen (piano), Alayna Spencer (piano), Clara Patten (piano), Jocelyn Meyer (piano), Emma Thackston (piano), Weddle Twins (vocal duet)


Whitworth Sax Quartet, 2012


Tianmei Dwyer (piano), Adam Divens (violin), Joseph Linde (violin), Sam and Emma Thackston (violin and piano), Mickey Zhang (baritone voice), Anna Nowland and Malinda Wagstaff (vocal duet), James Marshall and Claire Avensmeyer (viola and oboe), Samantha Schneider (soprano), Daniel Beal (piano), Megumi Call (piano), Jacob Ward (clarinet), Duff Overstreet (piano), Yvette Kraft (violin), Michael Sinitsa (voice), Jasmine Nagano (piano) 


Thanks also to: 

  • Musicfest Northwest and SPR Volunteers & Staff
  • Event donors Harvard Park Children’s Learning Center North, Numerica Credit Union and Rocket Bakeries, and grant funding from the Johnston-Fix Foundation.
  • Piano Technicians Guild of Spokane.


Tune in June 12 to hear a special KPBX Kids’ Concert featuring live performances from our studios with Spokane Public Radio folk producers Caridwen Irvine-Spatz, Kevin Brown, and guests, from 10 to 11 a.m. on KPBX 91.1, or listen live online. Find out more here.

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