Will Shortz

On-air challenge: Every answer is a word containing the accented syllable, PEN.

Example: Terrific --> Stupendous

1. A 1-cent coin

2. A part added on at the end of a book

3. A five-sided figure

4. Straps to hold one's pants up

5. Part of a grandfather clock that swings

6. Pricey

7. Money for a retired person

8. Expressing sincere remorse

9. A city on the Florida Panhandle

10. The capital of Cambodia

11. A facility where drugs are given out

12. What a red flag means in sports

On-air challenge: This puzzle is something different. Read these statements involving words and names, and figure out if they're true or not.

1. George Herbert Walker Bush is the only U.S. president with four names in his birth name.

2. Maine is the only one-syllable state name in the U.S.

3. "Chicago" is the only Academy Award-winning "Best Film" whose name is a city.

4. Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose name ends in a double letter.

5. Tin is the only 3-letter element on the periodic table.

On-air challenge: Every answer today is the name of a fabric or clothing material. You name it from its anagram.

Example: CLEAN - N --> LACE

1. LIKES - E

2. ON LOW - N










Sunday Puzzle: D'oh!

Jun 16, 2019

On-air challenge: Every answer is a six-letter word or name ending in the letters D-O.

Example: Gilbert and Sullivan opera, with "The" --> MIKADO

1. Black-and-white outfit worn to a fancy party

2. Sexual drive

3. Oddball

4. Kind of dragon

5. Brand of swim trunks

6. Brand of luxury watches

7. Texas city on the Mexican border

8. Fourth-largest city of Ohio

9. Actor who starred in "The Godfather"

10. Spanish for Saturday

11. Spanish for "when"

12. Prefix meaning "fake"

On-air challenge: I'm going to give you some words and a category. Name something in the category whose letters can be found in left-to-right order in the word — although not consecutively. Every answer has 5 letters.

Example: HUMANOID — World capital ---> HANOI

1. AVENUES — Planet

2. BIODIESEL — State capital

3. UNDERSHRUB — Prime minister of India

4. HOGSHEAD — Book of the Old Testament

5. COMING OUT — African river

6. OCCUPIED — One of Santa's reindeer

On-air challenge: Think of a made-up two-word phrase. Each word has two syllables. The first syllable has a long-E vowel sound. Change that to a long-A sound and phonetically you'll get the second word of the phrase.

Example: Jewish roll for a long-eared dog --> BEAGLE BAGEL

1. Weak story from Aesop

2. One who despises furnaces

3. What an angel wears in the biggest city on Hawaii's Big Island

4. More fashionable member of a more stylish salt or pepper holder

5. Standard feature of church spires

On-air challenge: Every answer today is a familiar two-word phrase or name with the initials S-F.

Example. Eating utensil to the left of the dinner plate --> SALAD FORK

1. Genre for H.G. Wells or Ray Bradbury

2. Place to order a milkshake

3. Up till now

4. Green Berets, for example

5. Largest city in South Dakota

6. 12" x 12"

7. Light precipitation in the winter

8. French expression for the ability to act appropriately in social situations

9. Method of people walking one after another

On-air challenge: Every answer today is the name of a famous person with only one name — either because they literally had only one name or because they chose to go by one name in show business. I'll give you anagrams. You name the people.

On-air challenge: I'm going to read you some sentences. Each one conceals the name of a U.S. city both phonetically and by spelling. Name the cities.

Example: The musician composed a crackerjack sonata in Mississippi --> JACKSON

1. The governor did a handspring fielding questions in Illinois.

2. My grandmother would belittle rocking chairs from Arkansas.

3. I'm looking for semipro vocational training in Utah.

4. Everyone hated to see Wilbur bankrupted in California.

5. Let's plan singalongs all around Michigan.

On-air challenge: Every answer is a word or name in which the second syllable sounds like the letter "K." The syllable is always accented, and there's at least one syllable after it.

Example: Flowering tree that grows in warm climates --> ACACIA

1. Time off from work when you travel somewhere

2. Mount Etna or Mount St. Helens

3. 17-year locust

4. Distracting from real life, as fantasy novels

5. A place

6. One's profession

7. Irish dramatist Seán

8. National park along the coast of Maine