Computer Problems Persist for Idaho DMV

Aug 30, 2018

No one walks into a DMV office thinking it is going to be a quick visit, but drivers in Idaho have been experiencing longer than usual waits for some time. 

The Idaho DMV has had issues with its computer systems ever since beginning upgrades to its systems earlier this year. Last month, after launching the second phase of the upgrades, the department asked drivers to delay visits to DMV offices if possible.

On August 27, severe vendor software issues forced most DMV offices to close their doors. Now a temporary fix has been found, says Jennifer Gonzalez from the Idaho Department of Transportation.

“ITD has been working very closely with our county sheriff staffs and have initiated a temporary solution to reopen DMV offices statewide," said Gonzalez. "That occurred on Thursday morning and various county officers will be reopening and able to issue driver licenses based on this temporary fix.”

To help ease problems caused by the outages, DMV Administrator Alberto Gonzalez implemented an emergency extension. Idaho drivers have until Oct. 31 to renew expiring or expired licenses.