Idaho House Approves Bill To Add Voter ID Options On Election Day

Apr 8, 2021

One election-related bill in Idaho would require people who want to register to vote on Election Day to present photo ID and proof of current address.
Credit Courtesy of Idaho Secretary of State

Idaho legislators are considering several election-related measures this year.

One requires people who register to vote on Election Day to present identification with a photo and current address.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Brandon Mitchell [R-Moscow], says the ID requirements in current law are too lax.

“We’ve had people that went in and voted with just a high school ID, which is allowed in law, as well as people using an Amazon box or some shipment that has been shipped to them that is allowed in law as well," he said.

Mitchell’s bill add new forms of identification people may present when they register to vote on Election Day. Current drivers’ licenses and state-issued ID cards are allowed, as are tribal and military-issued identification, and current student ID cards that include date of birth.

Opponents say the new law would require people who don’t have ID to have to go out and spend money on a form of identification that’s acceptable to the state. They say the bill is trying to solve an election security problem that doesn’t exist in Idaho.

Mitchell’s bill moved through a House committee on Thursday and now goes to the full House.