SPR Birthday Party & Fire Station Grand Opening

Jan 23, 2016

Former General Manager Dick Kunkel addresses the crowd at the Grand Opening of SPR Fire Station No. 3

Hundreds of members, listeners, and well-wishers came to the Grand Opening of SPR's Fire Station No. 3 on January 23, a few days after Spokane Public Radio's 36th Anniversary.

Tours continued almost non-stop from noon until after 4 p.m. The building was mostly silent around 1 p.m. as the guests crowded into the new Performance Studio to witness the "Plug-In" Ceremony.

Walk Through the (empty) Fire Station No. 3

Guitarist Paul Grove

People passing by the corner of Monroe and Sharp saw different fire engines parked in the street throughout the afternoon and wondered what the emergency was. In reality, different companies came by to see how much the building had changed since the city decommissioned it in 1991. A few firemen showed their coworkers where they had lived and stored their gear.

Music aficionados appreciated the acoustics as guitarist Paul Grove performed in the Performance Studio. Others walked, amazed, into the Classical and Jazz Library with CDs lined floor to ceiling.

The only way to slide down a Fire Pole is to get a helping hand from a parent.