Not Much Pot, But So What? Washington Kicks Off Marijuana Sales

Jul 7, 2014
Originally published on July 8, 2014 2:48 pm

In another significant milestone in Washington’s experiment with legal, recreational marijuana, the first 24 pot retailers in Washington now have their licenses in hand.

The businesses were notified electronically early Monday morning, but not all of them will open for business Tuesday. And stores that do open have warned they may run out of product because of a limited supply.

You do have the cart before the horse -- or the stores before the pot in some cases -- but the state’s view is that they want to hand this off to the private sector. They didn’t want to stand in the way any longer and they’re ready to issue licenses, so their view is ‘get the market going.’

Stores that open Tuesday are bracing for long lines and high demand. But Washington’s Liquor Board expects the supply and demand issue to work itself out over the summer.

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