From the Studio: Ignite! Community Theatre Presents "Bottoms Up!"

Jun 5, 2019

Ignite! Community Theatre visits the studio: (from left) Jerry Upinghouse, Tricia Petrinovich, Phedra Burney-Peters, and Trey Heppner.
Credit Spokane Public Radio

"Bottoms Up!" the final production of Ignite! Community Theatre's 14th season, takes place in the Caribbean, as an unlikely cast converges at a hotel. Through confusion, and a con or two, the prevailing question is: who has the suitcase? Director Jerry Upinghouse and actors Tricia Petrinovich (June), Phedre Burney-Peters (Victoria), and Trey Heppner (Mr. Rushmore), visit the studio to discuss the play and perform a preview.

"Bottoms Up!" opens 7:30 PM  on Friday, June 7th, and runs through Sunday, June 23rd. For tickets and more show times, visit the website