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The Lenin Escalator

  Tony and Kevin inhumanely examine anti-humanism, then are the targets of passing motorists as they busk for spare change along the freeway; today's book for the "Jane Austen Book Club for Men" is dissected between beers and push-up challenges; a word from our sponsor, Benign Crime; Multiverse Playhouse is kicked off with the startling vignette "Into the Eye of the Black Hole"; Mirabel Thigpen, the "Perfect Consumer," has enough economic sense to buy and sell you ten times over; the "Indoor Detectives" track infidelity and lost purses from the comfort of their own basement, sans pants; another bout of "Unclogging the Spam Filter"; Didier Vendage is savagely interviewed on his older brother's show, "Offended Belgian Cable Access TV"; Anthropologist Sans Souci visits John Gotti Elementary School to take up time by teaching about time.

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