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May 25, 2019

At War in the Pacific

At War in the Pacific tells the story of heroism and sacrifice by the young Marines who stormed onto the islands and fought from inside the foxholes in the bloody Pacific Campaign of World War II.  David D'Arcy hosts this compelling radio hour featuring personal testimony from the Marines and historical context from scholars. We hear how the Marines came of age during weeks and months of searing combat -- and how their sacrifices shaped the history of our nation. As the conflict unfolds in the Pacific, friends and relatives tell how they shouldered the burden back home. Filmmakers Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks offer their views on what the war in the Pacific meant -- then and now.

May 18, 2019

Brains and Losses: The bottom line on aging and financial vulnerability

Neuroscientists and gerontologists see evidence that people become more vulnerable to financial exploitation as they age. Con artists, fraudsters, even family, friends, and caregivers take money from seniors and abuse their trust. According to researchers, the shame of these crimes prevents victims from reporting or talking about them, creating a crucial public policy issue.

David Brancaccio, host of the Marketplace Morning Report, and the Marketplace team present stories of fraud victims and their families from across the U.S., including a 78-year-old substitute school nurse, who lost more than $230,000 in what started as a computer support scam, and mushroomed into a blizzard of gift card purchases and a bank transfer to Nepal.

"Brains and Losses" presents solutions journalism for audiences who want to protect themselves and their loved ones as they grow older.

May 11, 2019

The Pulse: Becoming a Mother

“Motherhood will change your life.” It may sound like a greeting card sentiment — but it’s also a statement of fact. Pregnancy changes the way bodies function and look. It affects women’s hormones and weight — even their brain chemistry. In this episode, The Pulse looks at the impact of new motherhood on women’s health. We hear stories about the ongoing debate over breastfeeding, and why so many hospitals are no longer using their nurseries. Plus, why women of color are often reluctant to seek help for postpartum depression.

May 4, 2019

Mexico Uncovered

The U.S. and Mexico share deep personal, economic, geographic and cultural connections, but our understanding of Mexico is often limited by stereotype and media exaggeration. Mexico Uncovered is out to change that.
This one hour special, takes listeners to a Mexico they don't know, with untold stories rich in sound, place and humanity, hoste by Daniel Hernandez.

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