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Season 8, Episode 22: Which Sentient Beings Taste Best?

Swiftly denying fresh blogger reports of hints about cannibalism in recent episodes, Tony and Kevin deftly divert attention to this episode's sketches. First, it's just as unbelievable to Mr. Skids that he's saved the neighborhood as it us to the listener, but nonetheless we present "Mr. Skids Saves the Neighborhood." Mr. Skids, a hard-drinking, broken man on the wrong side of fifty, is an involuntary center of attention for a coterie of slum neighbors and ne'er-do-wells. Leave the lasagna by the door. Then, we check in with Salesdog Spot, the chatty black lab who can talk and who's trying out a new career--house sitting! But complicating his work are a felonious feline companion and a nosy neighbor who makes Alice Ghostley look like a welcoming, comfy couch. Finally, a trip to the demilitarized zone between the liminal and sparkly lamé with a dramatic reading of an intentionally lost work from Jorge Luis Borges. Derek Handey performs "Frontierland of Forking Paths"--if you dare listen!

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