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February 27, 2021

BBC World Questions: The Politics of Covid-19

As we approach a year of the pandemic, World Questions will debate how politics has been affected by the Coronavirus.  Some countries have been hit much harder than others.  How has democracy fared?  Jonny Dymond and an international panel of experts and political leaders debate questions put to them by the public around the world.

February 20, 2021

Intelligence Squared U.S.
Agree to Disagree: Is America Still a Model for the World?

Credit Intelligence Squared U.S.

When Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol and halted the Electoral College certification, European leaders decried the violence as "horrible" and "disgraceful,” and called on the president to allow the peaceful transfer of power. Meanwhile, China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran issued swift condemnations with not-so-subtle jabs at the legitimacy of Western democratic values. In the wake of this, can America remain the world's model for democracy? Have months of strife around the election results and ensuing political violence destroyed America's credibility and ensured it will no longer inspire the oppressed or legitimately condemn authoritarians? Or have the nation's institutions held under pressure and demonstrated democracy's strength and resilience in politically polarized times?

Kori Schake, director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute
Brian Klass, American political sciencist and columnist at The Washington Post


February 13, 2021

With Good Reason: My Pandemic Valentine

We’re drawn to people who are kind to others. But once that kind person becomes our partner, we want special treatment. Lalin Anik says that we get a boost from feeling our "uniqueness" affirmed. She shares just how critical that special treatment is to a fulfilling relationship. And: Can one person really satisfy all of our needs? Julian Glover says no. They share how non-monogamy can be a freedom practice. 

Later in the show: Studies show that the more we look at screens, the less we feel our body. Scary, right? In our virtual world, we are becoming increasingly out of touch. Two days after Sushma Subramanian got engaged, she moved to Virginia to teach, leaving her fiance behind. She tells us about the app that got them talking -- and touching-- across the distance. Plus:Kristina Feeser shares her bittersweet realities of love.

February 6, 2021

Witness: Black History Month special

A special hour-long edition of Witness History from the BBC World Service, bringing together some incredible interviews looking at the African-American experience. Told by people who were there, we hear stories that are fascinating, harrowing, and inspiring.

We hear from the daughter of the man named in the court case which became a turning point in the battle for civil rights, plus the sister of a teenage girl killed in a racist bomb attack.

We learn how the winning performance of an all-Black basketball team helped change White American's attitude to segregation in sport. Later, hear about Rodney King, whose attack by police in 1991 was caught on camera and seen by millions - the later acquittal of the officers sparked days of rioting.

Finally we hear from Bilal Chatman, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison under the 1994 'three strikes law' which disproportionately affected Black Americans. Presenter Max Pearson talks to Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall of John Jay College of Criminal Justice to help put it all into context.


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