Reach the SPR Audience with Program Support

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Benefit from Partnering with SPR
Spokane Public Radio invites you to establish your connection with the region’s most desirable radio audience. Our listeners include many of the community’s most active, affluent, and connected people. Program support can help you strengthen your reputation and branding by linking your name or information about special events with our award-winning stations and programs.

Download our introduction to SPR Listeners and Underwriting.

Your announcements will be heard in an environment free of commercial clutter by the “foreground” listeners of our arts and news station, KPBX, and our all-news and information station, KSFC.

To get started with an SPR partnership, contact Kathy Sackett or Ann Torigoe-Hawkins at (800) 328-5729.

Hear What Current SPR Business Supporters Say  

Cheryl Custer-Branz, Jim Custer Enterprises

Penn Fix, Dodson's Jewelers 


Carol Hunter, Eymann, Allison, Hunter and Jones

Sam Rodell, Architect

Gavin Tenold, Northwest Renewables

Download our introduction to SPR Listeners and Underwriting.