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Wanting to be First on Opening Day of Spokane Pot Sales

The line started at 7:00 p.m. Monday night in front of Spokane’s first recreational pot store. Spokane Green Leaf won’t open until two-o’clock today, but a handful of people are waiting in lawn chairs out front so they can be the first buyers.

Mike Boyer was the first to arrive last night. He and his new friends in line are calling it ‘green Tuesday’.

Boyer: “Yeah I’m only here to be the first guy in, I want to be the number one guy in Spokane, I want that title for life, the first guy to buy recreational weed legally in Spokane.”

Being the first is also important for the store owners. The owner requested that we only use his first name, Todd, because of personal concerns. He says they have five pounds to sell Tuesday, and plan to sell out.

Todd: “We wanted to be first, even if it’s limited supply. We have customers out there that camped overnight and that are excited, and we couldn’t hold them off any longer.”

Spokane Green Leaf is one of three stores in Spokane that received a license, and the only one opening today. 24 stores have a license statewide.

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