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Idaho Congressman Shudders at the Idea of Joe Biden in the Oval Office

If Sarah Palin thought she would get support from Tea Party House members in her campaign to impeach President Obama, she's been disappointed. Even Idaho's Raul Labrador, a Tea Party favorite, dismissed the possibility of an impeachment process against the president, at least this year.

Some of the House Republican conference's leading conservatives, meeting for their regular monthly luncheon, flatly rejected the idea. Labrador, for one, argued there's not enough time left in this year's session of Congress. And he worried that launching a full-blown impeachment movement could damage the Republican Party.

The Idaho Republican pointed out that Palin, as an ex-office holder, "doesn't have the burden of leadership right now," as he put it, and it's easy for her to go on Fox News and make statements for which she's not held accountable.

And Labrador, thinking ahead to the constitutional line of succession, added - quoting - Nobody wants a President Joe Biden.

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