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Spokane To Be Sisters With Central-Mexico City

The lilac city will soon have ties to a trade hub in Mexico. The city of Spokane is working to become sister cities with a state capital in Mexico’s north-central region. Spokane has business, cultural, and educational links to Limerick, Ireland, Nishinomiya, Japan, and Jecheon, South Korea. Add San Luis Potosi to that list. 

The Mexican city is a state capitol, in a historic mining and agricultural area. Spokane’s mayor David Condon says his staff were looking to add another sister city, and San Luis Potosi rose to the top.
Condon: “And we looked at probably about a half dozen sister cities possibilities in Mexico, looked at similar industries, we looked at higher education opportunities. And this one in particular really came to the forefront.”
The city has about two and a half million people, 60 percent of which are under age 30. There is one major university in the state, Autonomous University of San Lois Potosi, and nine other colleges and tech schools.
Condon and five or so other members of the Spokane community are heading to San Luis Potosi next week, during Mexico’s celebration of sister cities.
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