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Spokane Start-Up Turns On Sales For Movie Projector

Project Wedge

A Spokane start-up company has developed a movie projector that will be on the market in 2015. Push aside memories of the slide projector in science class, or costly projectors at the electronics store. This one is geared toward the average consumer.

It’s called ‘Project Wedge’, a fitting name for the wedge-shaped hardware. CEO Robb Anthony says they "like to call it the world’s first personal projector.”

Company CEO Robb Anthony says most projectors now are built for a business setting, so they developed a consumer friendly device that hooks into smart-phones and tablets. He says they want to encourage people to look away from their personal phone screen.

Anthony: “We’re not suggesting that the answer here is to throw your devices out, cause that’s just not the way the world works. But if we could make singular experiences more communal that would be a huge victory in reconnecting.”

Think sharing movies on the back of the garage, watching an iPhone video on the kitchen wall, or presenting ideas at the office. Project Wedge can display a sharp image up to sixty inches, has a four hour battery life, and received accolades from Forbes magazine for its low retail price.

Anthony says the Spokane business is in fundraising mode, so the product won’t be available until next September. But people can preorder it now, which will help the company fulfill its fundraising goal.

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