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Experts and Citizens Strategize For Zero Suicide

A conference March 10th in Spokane focuses on strategies for suicide prevention. The all-day Zero Suicide Conference will take place at Gonzaga University. Conference organizer Sabrina Votova says our region experiences higher rates of suicide than the national average.

Votova: "Our area of eastern Washington has higher rates than the western side of Washington."

Votava says two things impact the risk of suicide here. One, in rural areas it is more difficult to access mental health resources, and two, there is more access to unsecured guns.

She says the kenote speaker at the event is Paul Quinnet, a mental health professional and founder of a system of gatekeepers who counsel people with depression.

Votova: "We will be talking about zero suicide, which is a goal, and what is working and not working. And then, talk about firearms and means restriction, and how to keep our community safe while respecting our second amendment rights."

If you or someone you know needs a resource or someone to talk to, the Spokane Regional Health District can offer help. The Help Crisis Hotline is: (509) 838-4428.

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