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Lichty Launches Campaign Against Spokane Mayor Condon

Shar Lichty
Shar Lichty for Mayor

Spokane Mayor David Condon is up for election on the November ballot, and SharLichty has emerged as an opponent.  She’s a community organizer for Peace and Justice Action League and confirmed her candidacy this week.

Lichty: “The residents in Spokane need a mayor who represents them, the everyday people in Spokane. And I don’t think we’ve had that, not just under Condon, we didn’t have it under Verner or Hession either.”

Lichty calls her current work on affecting change in city, state, and federal politics the ‘other side’ of politics.

Her two primary campaign-topics are boosting the local economy, and public safety. She says the police ombudsman’s office should have full independence, but she doesn’t blame the police guild.

Lichty: “Condon did not bring the concerns of the citizen’s to the bargaining table. The community’s voice needs to be brought to the bargaining table so that the guild and the community both are represented.”

Credit Paige Browning / Spokane Public Radio
Spokane Public Radio
Mayor David Condon speaking to media in 2014.

She calls Condon the ‘millionaire mayor’, as his campaign chest already boasts more than $220,000. Lichty wants to raise about $150,000 total through a grassroots campaign.

Candidate filing officially opens April 27th. Condon and Lichty are the only publicly announced mayoral candidates.

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