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Official Washington State Election ResultsU.S. Senate: Patty Murray (D) 60%U.S. Representative D.5: McMorris Rodgers (R) 58% U.S. Representative D.4: Newhouse (R) 57%Wa. Governor: Inslee (D) 56%Wa. Lt. Governor: Habib (D) 55%Wa. Secretary of State: Wyman (R) 53%Wa. State Treasurer: Davidson (R) 58%Wa. State Auditor: McCarthy (D) 53.52%Wa. Attorney General: Ferguson (D) 68%Wa. Lands Commissioner: Franz (D) 54%Wa. Superintendent of Public Instruction: Reykdal 51%Wa. Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler (D) 59% Spokane Candidates and IssuesEarly Idaho Election Results

Continuing to Navigate the Washington Presidential Primary Process

Joe A. Kunzler via flickr
Casting a ballot

Some eligible voters may be wondering about receiving their ballots in the mail for the presidential primary in Washington State.

The ballots have both the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates on them, even though the Democrats already held their caucus a couple of weeks ago.

You may be asking why since the results have no impact on the fact Bernie Sanders already won most of the delegates.

The chair of the Spokane County Democrats, Jim Castro-Lang, says even though his party will not be utilizing the primary voting results to determine the number of delegates that will support each candidate, there is a  good reason for voters to fill out their ballots.

Castro-Lang explains, “If a lot of people say it doesn’t matter in the primary and all of a sudden it switches and Hillary wins really big and a lot of people vote in the primary... And you know how it works in politics: people will say, 'See, Hillary really does own this state' or whatever.  And so I would encourage those who care about either of the candidates to cast that ballot because it’s kind of like a major poll.”

Castro-Lang says its possible superdelegates could be influenced by the results of the Democratic primary vote.

Republicans will be utilizing the results of the ballot to determine the number of delegates for each candidate. But with Donald Trump the last man standing, it may be a moot point.

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