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Street-Parked RVs, Other Big Vehicles Could Be Towed Once Snow Season Starts Nov. 15

Jared Brown

Spokane got its first taste of snow last week, but Nov. 15 marks the official start of snow season for the city.


If big vehicles like RVs and boats aren’t moved from street parking by Thursday, they could be towed by the city to make way for snow plows.


"But really what we’re after is voluntary compliance," said city spokesperson Marlene Feist. She said the city has been issuing notifications about moving those types of vehicles.


"The streets are only so wide and when you have large obstacles like RVs and trailers, it limits the plow driver’s ability to get a good plow," Feist said. "Certainly, where you end up with areas that never get plowed as a result."

Officials are also asking for portable basketball hoops to be moved off of streets and for all cars to be parked on the odd side of the street until the snow season ends on March 15. Cars won’t be towed for non-compliance, unlike RVs and other big rigs.

Snow plows will go out daily on weekdays if more than an inch of snow is on the ground. Homeowners are asked to shovel sidewalks after snowfall to keep walkways clear. Those who are unable can call 311 to get help shovelling.

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