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Spokane Bikers Upset With Police Treatment During Toy Donation Collection

Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club

Members of a Spokane motorcycle club are upset that police in Spokane Valley interrupted their efforts to collect money for a children’s toy drive last Saturday.

Erle Adams from the Fallen Saints club says members were soliciting donations from drivers passing a hotel in the valley. He says deputies came by and told them they had to stop because they were creating a safety problem. Adams says club members felt singled out because their behavior was no different than others trying to draw drivers’ attention.

“They have a job to do, I get it. We have a job to do as a club, which is to support the community," Adams said. 
"But I felt like we see this every single day and every single venue. You see people out with signs that are trying to empower themselves and we’re trying to empower others.”

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gregory says the officers were upholding a Spokane Valley city ordinance that tries to discourage panhandling, especially on a public right-of-way.

Adams says Fallen Saints members quickly found an alternative. Walmart allowed them continue to raise money outside its Valley store. But Adams says the interruption slowed the fundraising pace. To reach their goal, club members expect to be in Liberty Lake this weekend to collect more donations.