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Discriminatory Covenants Bill Approved By Washington Senate

Courtesy of University of Washington

The Washington Senate has voted to help property owners remove racially-discriminatory language from some of their homes’ documents.

The bill was approved unanimously and sponsored by Issaquah Democrat Mark Mullet.

"This bill does two important things," he said.

"The first is it allows those deeds with the racial restrictions to be removed from the underlying document. Two, we provide money for Eastern Washington University and the University of Washington so they can actually go through various deeds and covenants throughout our state so they can alert homeowners, to  people who do have these racial covenants in their property deeds and have them removed," Mullet said.

Homes in several Spokane neighborhoods have racially discriminatory covenants. Those covenants are no longer legal and enforceable, but getting the language removed from the documents has been difficult to impossible.

A different version of this bill has already been approved by the House. This version will go back there for final passage.

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