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Spokane City Council Candidate Tyler LeMasters Focused On Infill, Attainable Housing

Courtesy of Tyler LeMasters

This week we’re profiling candidates for Spokane City Council’s South City Council District. There are two. We’re introducing, Tyler LeMasters.

Tyler LeMasters is a Realtor and former staffer for Washington U-S Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

He said he’s focused on both economic recovery, and affordable housing. He says the current city council had been a barrier to solving those issues.

“We should be making sure we get out of the way of the free market, out of the way of developers. They will build anything as long as they can make money, and as long as the demand is there, and we have demand at every price point in our market.”

LeMasters said there are some limits, like high rise apartments in single family neighborhoods, but said there are areas closer to the city’s core where there is room for more housing.

“What I am talking about is areas that can be developed. We have so many areas that are primed for this where the infrastructure is there - the lower, lower south hill, downtown itself, like the Sprague initiative. There’s enough in those three areas to sustain our growth now and create density in the lower price points.”

LeMasters said he’s also focused on public safety, and said the city needs to support its police officers.

“Police and firefighters and military are in a serving industry and serving our community. They’re trying to do the best we can, and now we’re trying to demonize them for some reason, and I think it’s irresponsible and not community minded. These people are part of our community.”

LeMasters is running for a seat in Spokane City Council District 2, which includes East Central, the South Hill and downtown Spokane. He is running against Betsy Wilkerson, the incumbent city councilwoman.

Stories with both candidates are airing this week and full interviews with each will be posted online at spokanepublicradio.org.

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