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Concerns About Myocarditis May Affect Covid Vaccination Of Young People

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Health officials in Washington worry that reports of heart inflammation in young people who received the Pfizer vaccine will keep parents from having their children immunized.Dr. John Lynch is an infectious disease specialist for UW Medicine in Seattle. He told reporters on a state hospital association call Monday that researchers are working quickly to investigate.

“We are collecting every case we can find. We’re talking about it every day. And we’re getting all that data. The CDC, conversations are going on with them as well so we can review the data and figure out whether there’s truly a causation. Is the vaccine associated with a higher risk of myocarditis or is it something that’s just happening independent of vaccination?” he said.

He says myocarditis is not rare. He says it’s also a condition suffered by many who contract Covid, as well those sickened by flu or other viruses.