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"Brothers Before" by Tristen Canfield

Two half-brothers attempt to reconcile. But what's in the box?

For this inaugural broadcast of Radio Play Co-Lab, we present the short one-act play Brothers Before.

It was directed by Juan A Mas and stars Matt Slater and Tré Terry as two estranged half-brothers, David and Len, who make an attempt to put the past behind them.

The only lingering question is, what’s in the box?

Their performance is followed by an interview with the Brothers Before playwright, Tristen Canfield.

Radio Play Co-Lab is a creative collaboration between Spokane Public Radio and Spokane Playwrights Laboratory.

Kace Larsen was responsible for sound design on Brothers Before. Script coordination was handled by Dahveed Bulls and Scott Doughty on behalf of Spokane Playwrights Laboratory.

Tonya Ballman wrote the Radio Play Co-Lab theme tune. The Now Now Space kindly provided rehearsal space.