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1996 at SPR


The Health Journal, a weekly call-in health series, begins and is hosted by Doug Nadvornick. 



“African American Music Tree II” series runs  devoted to Black History Month.

Beginning of Piano Fund campaign to buy the grand piano.

Widespread flooding in Washington, Oregon and Idaho; causes 3 deaths and an estimate $800 million in damage.



Radio Dramas presented by Spokane Civic Theatre:  “The Last Touchy Feely Drama on the American Stage” by Greg Gamble and Lee Howard; “Atlantic Crossing” by Jeffey Embler.



Classic radio plays presented in “13 by Corwin” featuring famous voices.


New studio piano


Documentaries from NPR/National Geographic on nature conservation.



June 4 - Guitar Summit featuring Leon Atkinson.



July 3 - Yeltsin wins Russian presidential election.

July 5 - Dolly, the first cloned sheep is born.

Classic Folk Series: The Midnight Special from WFMT promising diverse/eclectic variety.

Music for Dancing and such by Pamela McGuire at An Evening Under the Stars.



A new piano is purchased for the studio! Facts about the piano by A. Yamaha:  “My parents were both pianos, and I pretty much knew that was what I wanted to do from the time they installed my black keys.”  Debuted on the 19th, starting the Piano Bench on Tuesday mornings.


Ann Torigoe-Hawkins


Ann Torigoe-Hawkins joins the staff.

Concert of the Week begins.



Janean Jorgenson became the Community Relations director.



Holiday Auction at Silver Car Auctions

Nov 19 - The Ice Storm of ’96 hits causing 4 fatalities and damages estimated at over 22 million dollars. Many were without power for weeks. SPR is knocked off the air for one day.

Snow storm

The first Fall Folk Festival: only 350 people came, due to the Ice Storm.

Clinton Reelected U.S. President.




Classical music with Verne featured Dr. Hans Moldenhauer.

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