Patty Murray

Help could be on the way to the Pacific Northwest’s infrastructure – which has been tested this summer with heat waves and wildfires.

Spokane Public Radio spoke to Senator Patty Murray about the federal infrastructure packages before Congress now, which have several provisions to address climate change.

Murray says provisions in both infrastructure deals before Congress could address the root causes of those disasters, and help communities build the resilience they need to withstand them.

Washington Senator Patty Murray Seeking Reelection

May 17, 2021
Screenshot from U.S. Senate livestream

Washington State Senator Patty Murray announced Monday that she is seeking re-election in 2022.

Murray, a Democrat, was first elected to the Senate in 1992 and was Washington’s first woman senator. During her time in the Senate, Murray has focused on family leave and childcare.

Before she was elected to Congress, she was a state senator and a school board member in the north Seattle suburb of Shoreline.

Washington Lawmakers Want Tax Action Quickly

Dec 2, 2014

Washington's Democratic lawmakers are beginning to fidget about cherished tax breaks and federal subsidies for counties and schools. They're pushing to do something before Republicans gain firm control of both houses of Congress.

A couple of federal payment programs subject to political whims are the Payments in Lieu of Taxes and the Secure Rural Schools plans. Washington Senator Patty Murray is pushing both the outgoing and incoming Senate majority leaders to move quickly for funding, at least through next year, before the current Congress evaporates.