Idaho's latest Covid surge is slowing, state officials say

Oct 13, 2021

Idaho's coronavirus surge appears to have stabilized, though state officials warn there are still signs of concern.
Credit Courtesy of State of Idaho

Idaho state health officials say they’re cautiously optimistic that the state’s latest Covid surge has hit its peak.

During a media briefing Tuesday, the state’s deputy epidemiologist, Dr. Kathryn Turner, said she’s watching the percentage of people statewide who test positive for Covid. She says that number has gone down slightly the last three weeks.

“I think if I see a decline in the percent positivity again this week, I think we’ll lean more towards we’re optimistic. It’s hard to go week-to-week and determine a trend, but I think four weeks of decline would indicate to us that we’re on the downside," she said.

On the other hand, she says the number of people hospitalized for Covid remains high. Some hospitals are still rationing care under crisis standards of care.

State officials are urging people to stay vigilant during Halloween to avoid a bump up in cases, especially among children.