Recipe Moment: Huckleberry-Apple Pie

Aug 21, 2019

SPR's Chris Maccini

Huckleberry-Apple PieĀ 


1 cup sugar

2 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons cornstarch

3-4 apples (about 3 cups) peeled, cored & sliced

2 cups huckleberries

Crust (for two crusts - top & bottom):

2 1/2 cups flour

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup shortening

4 tablespoons butter

1/2 cup ice water

Combine apples, berries, sugar, flour, and cornstarch. Set filling aside. Prepare crust by cutting shortening and butter into flour and salt. Add ice water slowly until mixture forms a ball. Roll out on waxed paper to make crust easy to pick up and transfer to pan. After placing filling in crust, dot with 1 Tbsp butter. Add top crust. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 and bake 30 - 40 minutes longer until filling bubbles through slits in crust (hint: place piece of foil on bottom of oven to catch drips).

Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.