Season 6, Episode 18: CHAOS 5

Jan 28, 2018

Kevin kvetches about why “Men in Charge” cedes so much time to CHAOS, the science program that’s mainly there to let you know all the ways nature has your number, and Tony reassures him that he has found it “personally profitable” to make such deals unilaterally. Just back from some time served at the behest of Interpol in Great Britain, CHAOS host Anders Lurkawhile introduces the viewers to his “girl-friend,” Enid Hackney-Grubbe. Anders and Enid thrill to “In the Field” with “Spurious Jack” Fowler. Fowler, reporting from Austria/Australia, finds himself up to his armpits in a kangaroo pouch and discovers what the largest snake in Australasia is called (by the way, it IS venomous). It’s a word from our sponsor, Castigation Games, with their new role-playing game of elderly (not ancient!) alien gods, “Miskatonic Manor.” Then we accompany Anders and Enid to the Luis Buñuel Studios GmbH in Berlin, where documentary filmmaker Greta Volkenstein-Gomez interviews the couple for a documentary she’s filming.