Season 6, Episode 21: Canada: America’s Scotland!

Feb 25, 2018

Tony and Kevin decide that since England gets a Scotland, the New America is entitled to one as well, so they choose Canada. Canadians waste their time receiving affordable health care all day, and likewise hey waste all their natural resources by failing to exploit them. Best for Canadians to hand over the reins to their overlords in the New America, our hosts conclude. The episode segments start off with the return of “Life Lessons with Oswald Spellman.” Indulging in “pleasures not available to the rest of you,” Oswald encourages his payday loan clients to stop in for a little off-track betting next door. Next, the premier of an uninspired new superhero franchise, “The Adventures of Sky-High Man, Part 1. Can a drunken, feckless, emotionally unprepared heir to a dog food fortune rise to the occasion and come up for air? Find out here, unless you already know. After that, we hear from another member of the New America brand of products and services, “Midnight Raider,” which offers the finest in police-surplus home invasion kits. Finally, as a special treat, Jared Kushner calls in to “Disgruntled Belgian Talk Radio.” Since little Jared knows that the host, Didier Vendage, is experienced in “Europey things,” Didier will be able to help him sort things out in the Middle East, what with oil revenue and whatnot.