Season 8, Episode 8: History Was All Back Then!

Nov 10, 2019

All the history-related segments for this episode remind us how long ago History was. First, in the tenth segment of the series, "Heaving Bosoms," we go back to the windy moors of England's 19th century--before Brexit, but during the height of the British Empire (when it was fine to colonize but not let the colonized into England) on the windy moors.  Lord Grantley Ridgely is abandoning Ridgely Manor to join a monastery.  Is younger son Bentley up to the task of managing the estate, even under the jurisidiction of the fallen-German-aristocrat milkmaid, Helga von Stricter? Probably not. The next segment, "Camp Broccoli," takes us back to the trauma of summer camp--the horrors, the danger, and the bad things. Camp Broccoli will free you of summer camp memories, or make them worse.  Next we go to the recent past--which is still "history"--on a tour of a Salmon Dairy.  Yes, salmon can evolve if there's enough radiation.  Finally, there's the pathetic return of Nicholas Rowe's "A Hard Rowe to Hoe."  Rather than resurrect his acting career, former child star Nicholas Rowe must interview the director of "Planet of the Kiwis," a cheap effort to ape that other film from 1968 about something else.