Secretary of State Reviews New Voter Registration Plan

Nov 9, 2019

Washington State Secretary of State Kim Wyman and SPR's Steve Jackson
Credit Photo by Leona Vander Molen

Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman says Tuesday's election, when anyone could register to vote up to and including Election Day, meant extra work behind the scenes for election officials.

“We have to make sure if you have any other ballots in play that have been issued that they have to be returned," Wyman said. "We have to put a hold on those so you only have one ballot that is counted. It’s a lot of back end work for the counties. But we have been working on a new system that is helping them do that more efficiently."

She says elections officials have encountered few problems with the plan. She says paper mail-in ballots used by the state provide more security than computerized polling sites. 

“You mailed a paper ballot, you vote a paper ballot, and if we have to recount it or recreate it for any reason, you look at these close races like the one in Kentucky, we can actually go back and look at the pieces of paper, and I think that helps instill some confidence,” she said.

Wyman said there are several other states that allow for registration the day of the election, but few that also practice voting by mail.