State Grant Will Help Agencies Working With Spokane's Disadvantaged

Dec 18, 2019

Envision Center agencies will use 1.7 million dollar grant to assist residents in finding employment

Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s office has awarded $1.7 million to the Spokane Workforce Council.

The Economic Security for All Grant will help the collaborative efforts at the Spokane EnVision Center.

“Washington State has the third fastest and highest per-capita income growth in the United States. We're rocking. We have record unemployment rate, it’s now 4 1/2% percent. And yet a quarter of Washingtonians are eligible for food assistance.” says Susie Levine, the head of the state’s employment security division.

Workforce Council CEO Mark Mattke says the money will help 250 low income families to move up the economic ladder.

“We’re funding staff here at the center to serve as navigators, so when customers come into the center, someone can work with them to figure out what their current status is, what kind of barriers they face, and then help them get a plan together with them to help get a career pathway they can embark upon, what kind of training might be successful, and then get them into a job to achieve economic self sufficiency," Mattke said.

Several agencies are housed in the EnVision Center,  a one-stop location for people to find information on health care, mental health assistance, justice services, training and job searches.