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Men in Charge! The Movie

  This Day in the History of Pettifoggery; our new advertiser is revealed as Cardigan Music, letting cat-loving, piano-playing men down gently each night before the trauma of sleep; intending to help students understand police authority but refusing to show off her gun, Officer Tetchy visits John Gotti Elementary School; Sister Fire Duck Blossom reveals the transformative wisdom of the unicycle in “Unacceptable TED Talks with Tony Flinn,” Papa Guilder tells the story of “The Poison Chipmunks”; our new sponsor, Tough Cups for Men (or Babies), claims that your skull will break before their stone mugs will; Bernadette and Peter Chansonette, “Circus Critics,” derisively take down yet another three-ring, one-alarm disaster; guest host Dan Blanche of “The Greatest Minds of All Time” introduces Cecil Weedey, who reads his book The Fifteenth Century Italian Imagination line-by-line; undeterred, Dan Blanche tries to instill wisdom in his writing students at Lower Heights Community College by teaching them how to properly pronounce his name.

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