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Season 3, Episode 20: Grab an Egg, Chum!

Why grab an egg, chum? Because there’s only one left. As you peel it, listen attentively to the classic segment, “One-on-one Couples’ Therapy.” It’s marital therapy at its most efficient: instead of both spouses losing a lunch hour, only one does—the one who’s the problem, of course! And that’s you, isn’t it? Next, Kevin and Tony once again unclog the spam filter, pulling the spam author out of the filter for a face-to-face examination of what the spammer has to offer. What? Find out. After that, we drop in on a meeting of “The Awkward Club,” a cringe-fest that would have been award-winning, but lice might be involved. Then we hear from “Johnny Sunglasses,” a spokesmodel for our new sponsor, “Inner Darkness, makers of sunglasses—for indoors and the night.” So yes, barked shins are inevitable. Finally, we have another set of mishaps on “Office Politics,” in which Francis McBellhop loses his shoes—and sure, his dignity too—to the new receptionist.

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