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Season 6, Episode 13: Cavalcade of Lipids!

Tony and Kevin remonstrate with the audience for their lack of research ahead of each episode. Notably, the Listener probably is unable to insert either “cavalcade” or “lipids” into their cocktail party badinage, or even “badinage,” for that matter. First up is Jimmy Stewart, Presidential Press Secretary. Mr. Stewart comes out of retirement, and the grave, to tell the public what it’s like to work for the President in the New America. And he does. He certainly does. Next is a word from our sponsor, New America Wet Nurse and Nanny Services. If you’re a hard-charging male Capitalist today, and your wife/mistress/employee gets herself pregnant again, you’ll want to call the New America brand first. After that we sit in with the men and woman of Pox and Phlegm to discuss the President’s latest Tweet frenzy and to overlook a nice bout of on-air sexual harassment. Next we hear from another sponsor—Augmented Reality Services—to see if they can help Lyle Strawbender, who is only 15.7 inches tall, boost his height to that of a standard short person. Finally, we return to The Philosopher’s Corner With Morton Gould, replaying one of the lesser fan-favorite episodes from the 1970s--a decade we probably should have skipped.

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